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The UAE has been successfully diversifying its economy and is ranked as the fourth-largest economy in the Middle East. The nation’s rapid economic expansion has driven the active development of many industries. Climbing the ladder of development, the country is focusing on the expansion of various industries. As an outcome of the same, the demand for manpower has also seen a sudden uplift. Being one of the fastest developing economies in the world, the nation is also looked upon by skilled and unskilled workforce. However, the process of choosing the appropriate manpower is not that simple. With increased demand and supply, industries may witness a situation of chaos. To avoid the same, manpower supply agencies come into the picture. Let us now discuss the leading industries that require manpower supply in bulk. In addition to this, we will also be elaborating on the challenges faced by organizations in the UAE and how manpower.ae can help you.

Leading Industries in the UAE

For generations, the country has relied on oil and gas. However, the government has recently begun to provide equal weight to all industries. The action has aided the Government of the UAE in raising income and has resulted in significant growth in industries such as tourism, retail, and manufacturing. Some of the main sectors in the UAE that make significant contributions to the nation’s economy are:

Oil and Gas Industry

The oil and gas industry has made a significant contribution to the country’s economic prosperity. With its expansion, the sector has created a plethora of work possibilities. Major areas include project conceptualization, design, construction, management, and operation.

Manufacturing Industry

With the advancement of technology, companies and industrial units have included the most up-to-date machinery into their operations. With the integration of technologically advanced equipment, it is now necessary for factories to hire qualified and semi-skilled workers who can run the machinery smoothly.

Construction Industry

Since 1960, the UAE’s construction sector has grown at a fast pace. It has emerged as one of the most dynamic and rapidly growing sectors. More trained individuals are needed to meet the needs of diverse job roles as the sector expands and modernizes.

Real Estate and Infrastructure Industries

The recent growth in the real estate and infrastructure industries has contributed to the country’s status as a worldwide tourism destination. Real estate projects were developed in the UAE to satisfy market demands. As there is a rising demand for housing and commercial units, the real estate industry has a beneficial influence on development, employment opportunities, investments, and tourism.

Tourism and Hospitality Industries

The UAE has recently pushed tourism as a means of diversifying the country’s economy. Major tourist attractions focus on shopping as well as historic and modern sites located around the nation. Another fast-growing sector in the nation is hospitality, which has grown at a phenomenal rate over the last decade. Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world, attracting tourists from all over the world.

Challenges faced while hiring manpower

All ex-pats from various walks of life are migrating to the UAE in the hopes of finding better employment opportunities. With a strong economic growth rate, the nation is witnessing an increase in the supply of manpower as people are migrating to find work. This is fueled by the rising rate of unemployment in other areas of the world and economic problems. However, certain challenges are faced by industries while hiring manpower.

Stringent UAE Labour Laws

Employees working in the UAE, including UAE and non-UAE residents, are subject to the UAE Labor Laws. To prevent experiencing employment difficulties, it is critical to understand the appropriate labor legislation for the location where your organization is located. Manpower.ae can help you in avoiding such a situation. Our team of experts can help you in understanding the provisions relating to compliance. See our existing and past clients in the UAE here

Immigration Issues

Immigration is one of the challenges that are faced by organizations in the UAE. It is mainly because if an organization wants to hire people, it must follow certain procedures. We can simplify these procedures by arranging all the necessary documents to comply with immigration procedures.

Process of Hiring Manpower in the UAE

Following the rigorous labor rules in the UAE is critical. When your organization has done its due diligence to find and interview a suitable applicant, a proper process must be followed. There are precise legal standards that employers must follow in terms of their duties.

Step 1 – Choosing the right candidate

Selecting the best from the pool of talent available is the first step of hiring. As the process of screening can be lengthy, appointing a manpower supply company can make the process convenient.

Step 2 – Ensuring proper documentation

As discussed earlier, the UAE has stringent employment laws. Therefore, an employment contract must be provided by the recruiting business. The employment legislation also specifies the maximum number of work hours per week, the amount of vacation time an employee is entitled to, and whether they are entitled to any additional benefits such as maternity or sick leave. We at manpower.ae can help you in ensuring that all the formalities are fulfilled. This can make the process of documentation simple.


You may feel scared once you understand all the problems that you may encounter as an employer in the UAE. Complying is difficult because you require an HR staff that is constantly focused on staying up to date with the newest legislation. As a result, you can rely on BCC Manpower Services to assist you in hiring the workers you require for your company. With the aid of an outsourcing firm, you will not have to worry about lengthy procedures. All you must do is trust us to help you discover the right individuals and manage the paperwork. One of the advantages of hiring the best manpower supply company like BCC is that you can focus more on your actual business operations. This will ultimately improve your organization’s efficiency. Growth and development are all that you will be required to divert your time to. Contact us now for your manpower supply needs.


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